The winegrowers of the Sainte Baume

The men

“Passionately peasant”


Since 1912, the Rougiers cellar has been run by passionate winegrowers and winegrowers. 60 winegrowers bring the fruit of their harvest. Ten of them make 90% of the contributions. This small size allows a very efficient joint work and guarantees a high quality supply of grapes. The winegrowers are above all winegrowers, farmers, who pool all their know-how. Ancestral gestures and the most modern techniques are the perfect combination for making magnificent vintages beforehand.

The men are also in the cellar. Our wine merchant and oenologist, passionate about blending techniques, refines and proudly raises his great wines of Provence.

The Cellar

“Passionately winegrowers”


The Fraternelle, created 108 years ago, has been called Vignerons de la Sainte Baume since its merger with the cellar of Nans Les Pins.

It is one of the oldest in the region. Currently, the vineyard of more than 150 ha in production is located in the communes of Mazaugues, Nans les Pins, Rougiers, Saint Maximin la Sainte Baume and Tourves.

The vineyard is divided into two groups: Organic farming for about 40% of the land; sustainable farming with the “Agriconfiance” label for the remaining 80%.

These wines, very flattering and aromatic, are recognized by many distinctions and competitions. The Board of Directors manages the Cellar with its president and three employees in a family way, allowing everyone to be proud of their “House”. This year, the winery won 61 medals, making itthe most awarded winery in Provence.

The key figures

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The Vinification

The cellar is composed of 2 parts. One for the vinification of rosé and white wines, the other for the production and maturation of red wines.

95% of the production is dedicated to rosé wines. Rosés and whites are made by direct pressing, vinified between 14 and 18° for 20 days. Some vinifications are macerated on bourbes for 2 to 3 weeks before fermentation. This allows the extraction of delicate aromas.

For the whites, a skin maceration is added for the large vintages and then a stalling on bourbes for 2 to 3 weeks before a traditional fermentation.

Two new-generation powerful cooling systems combining efficiency, performance and energy savings have recently been installed.

Our reds are cold macerated for a week. 2 types of vinification are to be distinguished: vinification in stainless steel tanks with maceration and automatic pumping over, which produces fine, gourmet and structured wines. Then the traditional vinification and maturing in concrete vats for supple and easy-drinking wines.